Ubiquiti 5GHz 30dBi dual pol 2' dish Light Weight

Ubiquiti 5GHz 30dBi dual pol 2' dish Light Weight

MikroTik 2.4Ghz 5dbi Dipole Antenna with RPSMA connector

MikroTik 2.4Ghz 5dbi Dipole Antenna with RPSMA connector

Ubiquiti NBM3 and NB-OD3 complete system

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NBM3 – complete Ubiquiti NanoBridge M system

The Ubiquiti NBM3 is an efficient device that complements the AirMax NanoBridge M series. It works in the 3 GHz band achieving 150 Mbps bandwidth.

The NBM3 is distinguished by its all-in-one design. The technologies used in its construction are based on simple, efficient solutions for a reliable wireless network. The device works in the 3.3 - 3.7 GHz band.




NBM3 includes a 400 MHz Atheros MIPS 24KC processor, 32 MB internal memory and 8 MB flash memory. The antenna is characterised by a gain of 21.5 - 22.5 dBi.




Unrivalled quality

The combination of innovative solutions and durable components leads to a perfect quality of work. It can be used in unfavourable weather conditions and at temperatures ranging from -30 to 75 degrees Celsius.



The installation of the NBM3 device is easy and intuitive. The installation does not require the use of specialised tools.




The NBM3 device is equipped with a 21.5-22.5 dBi maximum gain antenna.



Key features

  • 3 GHz band
  • 150+ Mbps bandwidth
  • 30+ km range
  • 21.5-22.5 dBi gain
  • durable construction
  • efficient
  • works in two modes
  • airMax protocol compliant







FREQUENCY 900 MHz 3 GHz 3.65 GHz
THROUGHPUT 150+ Mbps 150+ Mbps 150+ Mbps
RANGE 20+ km 30+ km 30+ km
GAIN 10.6 - 11.3 dBi 21.5-22.5 dBi 21.5-22.5 dBi
DIMENSIONS 543 x 440 x 725 mm 492 x 440 x 705 mm 492 x 440 x 705 mm
NETWORKING INTERFACE (1) 10/100 Ethernet Port (2) 10/100 Ethernet Ports (2) 10/100 Ethernet Ports


Manufacturer's content

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