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Networks WispStation M5 - Interno - Cablato - Ethernet - 100 Mbit/s

Networks WispStation M5 - Internal - Wired - Ethernet - 100 Mbit/s

Ubiquiti Networks PowerBeam ACGen2 450 Mbit/s White (PBE-5AC-GEN2)

Ubiquiti Networks PowerBeam ACGen2 450 Mbit/s White (PBE-5AC-GEN2)

Ubiquiti Networks NanoBeam 5AC Gen 2 Network bridge 450 Mbit/s White (NBE-5AC-GEN2)


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EAN: 0810354026348

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NBE-5AC-Gen2 - a modern and versatile Ubiquiti solution

NBE-5AC-Gen2 solution belongs to the second generation of Ubiquiti airMAX CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) devices. It provides high performance and reliable operation.

NBE-5AC-Gen2 is an innovative and functional solution, which is characterized by high productivity and resistance to interference, and scalability. The device works well in areas with a high density radio lines, which is possible by reducing noise and interference.

Ubiquiti NBE-5AC-GEN2


Modern Ubiquiti equipment has Atheros MIPS 74Kc processor with a clock speed of 720 MHz. It is based on internal memory of 128 MB and flash memory of 8 MB.


NBE-5AC-Gen2 installation is easy, fast and efficient and does not require specialized tools. The device can be mounted on walls or columns.


Modern Ubiquiti solution is based on the airOS 8 system, which provides advanced functionality.

Ubiquiti NBE-5AC-GEN2
Ubiquiti NBE-5AC-GEN2

Additional Product Notes

  1. Operation in the 5 GHz frequency range
  2. Throughput 450+ Mbps
  3. Range 15+ km
  4. Profit 19 dBi
  5. airOS 8
  6. Waterproof cover
Ubiquiti NBE-5AC-GEN2


NBE-M5-16 NBE-M5-19 NBE-5AC-16 NBE-5AC-19 NBE-5AC-Gen2
FREQUENCY 5 GHz 5 GHz 5 GHz 5 GHz 5 GHz
THROUGHPUT 150+ Mbps 150+ Mbps 450+ Mbps 450+ Mbps 450+ Mbps
RANGE 10+ km 15+ km 10+ kmtd> 15+ km 15+ km