Ubiquiti mFi, Door Senesor

Ubiquiti mFi, Door Senesor

Ubiquiti mFi, mPort Serial

Ubiquiti mFi, mPort Serial

Ubiquiti mFi, Current Sensor

171,28 TL 145,15 TL
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mFi-CS – reliable mFi device

The Ubiquiti mFi-CS is a current sensor. The device is functional, reliable and durable.

The Ubiquiti current sensor can be used to monitor electricity flow and device power consumption. It is equipped with a RJ-45 port.


The installation of the device is quick and simple. The sensor is installed directly on the cable. The device is configured with the use of the mFi Controller system.


It may be used at temperatures ranging from -25 to 70 degrees Celsius and relative humidity of up to 85%.



Key features

  • functional
  • durable construction
  • modern design
  • quick and easy installation



  mFi-CS mFi-DS mFi-MSC mFi-MSW mFi-THS
SENSOR TYPE Current Contact Motion Motion Temperature
MOUNTING Electrical Wire Door/Window Ceiling Wall Wall


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